Monday, December 1, 2008

A (now typically) last minute reminder:

Our final part time faculty meetings of the term will be held Tuesday and Wednesday of this week; as usual, we'll be in SC 206 g/h from 5-6:30.

We'll take some time to talk about any questions or concerns you have regarding final projects, grading, and anything else that's pressing as we head toward the finish line. We'll also try to devote the byulk of our time to a presentation by Library staff--both letting us know about instructional resources (especially library introductions for students) and fielding questions and suggestions from you.

Thanks to everyone for responding to your proposed schedule. There have been a small number of changes, and I may be contacting a few of you to make adjustments in your schedules. As always, it's a moving target, so thanks for your patience.

Talk to you soon.

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