Sunday, November 2, 2008

November meetings this week/spring schedule out soon

A bit late on the reminder, but don't forget that our part time faculty meetings will be held Tuesday and Wednesday of this week; as with last month, we'll be in SC 206 g/h from 5-6:30.

This month, in addition to the usual starting point of addressing any questions or concerns you have, we'll be talking about your students' research projects. It's likely that at this point in the term most of you are beginning, if not in the midst of, your students' culminating projects. You might consider in advance of the meetings some of the following:

  • How do you help students get their research projects started?
  • How do you help them find sources (i.e. an adequate number and type)?
  • How have you helped students develop (in 1010) or sustain (in 2010/2020) an acculturation in one or more academic conversations?
  • How effectively are the course texts and sequences of assignments supporting your work in relation to teaching research writing to lower-division students?
  • What can Grant, Gae Lyn, and I do to more effectively support your work in class?

OK, that's probably enough to get us started, so we'll get to it when we get together this week.

We should have a draft of the spring schedule ready for you either later this week or early next week. Please keep an eye on your mailboxes for your schedule and acknowledgment.

Talk to you soon.

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