Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Adjunct Email List

Greetings all,

I just wanted to remind folks to be careful about replying to emails that were sent to the adjunct email list ( This is the list that we use for general announcements and information. You are, of course, welcome to use the list for relevant discussion topics and issues, as well as the UV Writing Blog ( But remember that when you click "reply" to a message that was sent to the adjunct faculty list, you are sending an email to EVERYONE on that list--all sixty of us--and not just to the original sender. Please be sure that this is your intent before you click "send." This is especially important if the email includes ID numbers, grades, or other sensitive information that you may not wish to send to the entire group.

Best wishes for the semester,

Grant Moss

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just before classes start...

Thanks to everyone for coming to--and especially for participating actively in--our annual orientation Friday. In preparation for the start of class Wednesday (or Thursday, or Saturday as the case may be), don't forget to check your class schedule on Banner. The easiest way to do this (thanks to Christa for pointing this out yesterday!) is:
  1. Log in to UV Link
  2. In the Banner self service drop down menu choose "enrollments in courses for a term"
  3. Choose fall 08 (the default)
  4. Find your name on the drop down menu
  5. See the CRN, section number, days and times, locations, and enrollments in your classes
Use banner to get printable rolls:
  1. Log in to UV Link
  2. In the Banner self service drop down menu choose "summary class list"
  3. Choose fall 08 (default)
  4. Select a class
If your HR paperwork hasn't gone entirely through the system yet and you don't have a UV ID to log in to the system, Dorice, Kim, or Kari in the front office can find and print this information for you.

Our monthly part-time faculty meetings will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 5:00-6:30pm so that everyone can attend (of course, you’ll only need to come to one meeting in each pair). We’ll meet on the following dates, all except for March in SC 206 g/h (March location still to be determined):
  • September 9/10
  • October 7/8
  • November 4/5
  • December 2/3
  • January 13/14
  • February 3/4
  • March 3/4
  • April 7/8
Let me know if you need anything prior to the start of class. Otherwise, see you in the halls and at our September meeting.