Friday, December 4, 2009

portfolio selection launch

We launched the portfolio request last night and completed sending out notifications this evening, so please check your email inbox to find out which of your students have been selected to participate in portfolio evaluation.

If you have students who were selected but are no longer attending class, or who fail to submit a portfolio, please let Meredith know. Also, don't hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions or needs as we proceed through this first run of selections. Just as a reminder, the portfolios should include the following documents:
  1. An informal piece of diagnostic writing (first day or between the first two class meetings)
  2. The first graded writing assignment (in 1010 the problematizing essay; in 2010 the informative/surprising essay)
  3. The final graded writing assignment (in 1010 the exploratory research project; in 2010 the formal research project)
  4. A reflective essay.
Since so many of us use multiple email addresses, I included a list of selected instructors in the version of this posting that went out over the listserv as a way of helping you cross check. Meredith has made good efforts to send notifications to multiple addresses, but it also strikes me as a reminder of the importance of checking--or, better, auto-forwarding to a preferred account--your UVU email.