Monday, March 14, 2011

Administrative Changes, Program Evaluations Requested

For those of you who missed last Tuesday's meeting, at the end of this academic year I'll be stepping down as writing program administrator and leaving the program in the capable hands of Gae Lyn Henderson, who will be equally capably assisted by Grant Moss and Joy Santee. Just as a reminder (and copying from last month's followup email), since your observations and opinions are important to us, some time before the end of the spring term, I'd like to ask each of you to spend a few minutes reflecting on and evaluating the past three years including:

1. the direction the writing program has taken;

2. effectiveness and/or weaknesses of course texts, assignment sequences, pedagogical advice, and so on;

3. your experiences with administration (support on disciplinary matters, plagiarism, student complaints, etc.)

Of course if you've been with us for less than three years, we want your observations as well!

Also, please take a few minutes to anticipate future directions for the program:

1. how you would like to spend time during annual orientation and monthly meetings;

2. new directions for course texts, outcomes, assignments, pedagogy, etc.

If you would, please write up your reflections, evaluations, and anticipations in a short letter submitted to the department (you can place it in my box or the department chair's). That way, your observations and advice may be shared with various stakeholders and used to help guide the program in the coming months and years.

Thanks for your work, support, and contributions over the past three years. As always, see you in the halls...

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